52 Cameras – Week 15 – Minolta 16MG

For a subminiature offer this week I chose the Minolta 16MG from 1966. It’s similar in size and format to both the Minox 16mm and Kodak 110 cameras but uses a different cartridge. Film is still available from sources on the Internet, and it is possible to slit 35mm film in the darkroom to reload your own.

Mine came with a detachable flash unit and a nice leather case. The flash uses bulbs and an odd battery, so i haven’t tried it yet. The camera has enough weight to feel solid in your hand without being heavy.

This particular example is in the middle of my range; it has an uncoupled selenium meter and a close up filter. I also have a fully automatic Minolta 16 EE and a 16P with no meter at all. I’ve loaded it with a roll of 200 ASA color film and pocketed it for most of the week.


Minolta 16MG at Camera Wiki, and a reference to the whole Minolta 16 line.

Manual from Mike Butkus

Want one? Try eBay.


A brief note: Things have been a bit crazy on the home front. Film from weeks 13 & 14 is at the lab, and Beth and I have taken on a challenge project which I will write about soon. Work continues, but I haven’t found the time to write about it lately.

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