52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620

This week’s medium format experiment involves the Sabre 620, a $4 flea market find. It’s a cute little box camera reminiscent of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. It features one shutter speed and a tiny eye level viewfinder. Film advance is via the large knob on the side with a red window on the back. There is no double exposure protection.

Internet wisdom tells me they were made between 1956 and 1972 by the Shaw-Harrison company. They were available in a number of designer colors, including my beige.

I’ve loaded mine with a roll of Ektar 100. Despite published reports, I was able to trim the plastic 120 feed spool and fit it in the camera. It was still necessary to use a genuine 620 takeup spool.


Camera Wiki doesn’t have much information but does have photos of the different colors.

Manual? Not necessary.

Ebay has a few at good prices. I also noticed a few listed on Etsy for insane amounts. Old & funky does not necessarily equal rare & valuable. Buyer beware.


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