52 Cameras – Week 12 results – Agfa Solina

The Agfa Solina was a nice shooter, if not particularly memorable. The focus and shutter speed rings were easy to handle. I had a little trouble adjusting the exposure ring as its clearances were a bit tight. My fingers aren't that fat.

The film advance is smooth and light. The counter is oddly located near the bottom of the camera; it is manually set when loading and it counts down to zero. In my case the roll ended at '1', but it may be a case of improper loading. A small window on the rewind knob can be set as a film type reminder. Clearances on the rewind knob make it difficult to rewind, but patience prevails.

The shutter release was a bit disconcerting, as it clicks once when pressed and again when released. Visual inspection confirms that the shutter is operating correctly. The second click appears to be the mechanism resetting. Flash sync works fine.

My overall impression was of a capable camera with a predominance of sheet metal used in its construction. It looks good, feels light, and sounds cheap. It does make nice images.

This week's images were shot on Kodak E100g and cross processed at home using a Unicolor kit. Most came out fine, although I managed to overexpose many of the outdoor ones.






2 thoughts on “52 Cameras – Week 12 results – Agfa Solina”

  1. Wow! Only one week per camera must be very difficult. I’m doing a series called “Skeletons From The Closet” on my blog, where I use a different film camera from my collection each month. Even that seems very short. How do you do it? Very interesting content – thanks a lot!

    Please come check out my blog and series at DMC-365.blogspot.com

    If you don’t mind, I’ll cross-post a link to your site. My readers will like it.


    1. What can I say, I have camera ADD. I often shoot short home-loaded rolls of black & white. 24 or 36 exposures in a week is a lot.

      Will be over to see your blog soon. Links are always appreciated.


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