Week 11 – Pen EES2 Results.

Shooting with the Pen EES2 was not as fun as I had hoped. I haven't worked with it enough to trust the selenium/automatic combination. I could trust an uncoupled selenium meter because I can compare its readings to my opinion. With this camera however, I never know exactly what it's doing.


The size and weight are nice though. With more practice, I think I could come to like it.


The results were unfortunately a failure. Even with the twin miracles of film scanning and photo manipulation, I was unable to salvage any presentable images. I have captured nice shots in the past with this camera, so I believe the problem was with my flea market film. I will put the camera back on the shelf for another day, and I'll shoot a test roll of the film in a known camera.


In the interim, here are a few good shots from the Olympus Pen EES2 from earlier this year.


Channel Marker, Salisbury Beach Reservation



Shot on in-date,cold stored Ilford HP5+.