Week 10 Results – Super Ricohflex

I have heard large format photographers claim that their cameras force them to slow down when shooting. I experience a version of this phenomenon when shooting a twin lens reflex.

Red Rock Park

The waist level finder forces one to let the camera hang, look down, and frame carefully. The reflex mirror causes the image to be reversed from side to side, forcing me to think more when framing. On the Super Ricohflex, I often use the flip-up loupe magnifier to ensure a proper focus.


It’s a nice camera to shoot, although not as smooth as my Yashicamat. The shutter requires only a light touch to set or fire. The focus is still stiff, but it does work. I’ve been working on my Sunny 16 technique for meterless cameras, and most of my shots required only minimal post-processing.

Flea Market

This is another camera which cannot be mistaken for a modern digital and will definitely attract attention in public.

(Shot on Ilford FP4; stand developed 60 minutes in Rodinal 1+100.)

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