Week 10 – Super Ricohflex

My first twin lens reflex. This was actually the second one I bought but the first to arrive on my doorstep.

Built in the 1950's, the Super Ricohflex TLR features a pair of 80mm lenses geared together for synchronous focusing. Top shutter speed is 1/200 and aperture ranges from f3.5 to f16. It takes 12 6x6cm exposures on 120 roll film, and there is no meter. The shutter is cocked by lifting a lever and fired by depressing it. There is no double exposure prevention.

Mine came with a nice leather case which has a red velvety lining. It uses hinges instead of leather flaps, which has likely increased its service life and helped keep it in good condition. When it first arrived the focusing mechanism was very sticky, but it has freed up with use.

I've loaded a roll of FP4 and already shot most of it.


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Manual courtesy of Mike Butkus

Want one? eBay as usual.