52 Cameras – Bonus – SMENA 8M results

I enjoyed shooting with the 8M. It does have its quirks; the shutter cocking lever tends to hit my finger when it releases, causing a slow shutter, and the film counter has the incorrect number of hash marks between the numbers rendering it mostly useless.

It has a removable takeup spool; it seems as if it were designed for a dual cassette film system and adapted to standard 35mm although I've not found any reference to the feature. Rewinding requires holding down the shutter release while turning a knob. This sounds counter-intuitive but it works.

Overall it's small, it's light, and the results were nice. This is all FP4 stand developed in Rodinal.

These first two may look familiar.




Check out the International Commie Camera Day group on Flickr for more great Soviet results.