52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620

This week's medium format experiment involves the Sabre 620, a $4 flea market find. It's a cute little box camera reminiscent of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. It features one shutter speed and a tiny eye level viewfinder. Film advance is via the large knob on the side with a red window on the back. There… Continue reading 52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620

52 Cameras – Week 12 results – Agfa Solina

The Agfa Solina was a nice shooter, if not particularly memorable. The focus and shutter speed rings were easy to handle. I had a little trouble adjusting the exposure ring as its clearances were a bit tight. My fingers aren't that fat. The film advance is smooth and light. The counter is oddly located near… Continue reading 52 Cameras – Week 12 results – Agfa Solina

Week 11 – Olympus Pen EES-2

For this week's camera, we swing the pendulum from medium format to sub-miniature. The Olympus Pen EES-2 is a half-frame camera from 1968-1971. It uses regular 35mm film, but it produces a 24x18mm image instead of the usual 24x36. This makes it a great camera for traveling, as you can fit up to 72 images… Continue reading Week 11 – Olympus Pen EES-2

Week 10 Results – Super Ricohflex

I have heard large format photographers claim that their cameras force them to slow down when shooting. I experience a version of this phenomenon when shooting a twin lens reflex. The waist level finder forces one to let the camera hang, look down, and frame carefully. The reflex mirror causes the image to be reversed… Continue reading Week 10 Results – Super Ricohflex