Week 7 – Minolta Weathermatic A – 52 Cameras

Weathermatic A

The Minolta Weathermatic A is a weatherproof 110-film camera introduced in 1980. A friend of mine had one of these in hight school; I only knew it as a yellow camera. In fact it’s waterproof to 3 meters. It has a zone focus system and three different apertures all selected by the black knobs on top. The aperture knob also controls the built-in flash. A thumb lever on the bottom advances the film.

I didn’t test the integrity of the O-rings, so I didn’t want to try it out underwater. I did load a new roll of Lomography Tiger 200 color and carried it around for the better part of a week. The film leaves for the lab this afternoon.


Weathermatic A @CameraWiki

Manual from Orphan Cameras

Want one? Numerous examples of the Weathermatic A and it’s 35mm cousin Weathermatic 35DL are available on eBay at reasonable prices.

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