52 Cameras – Week 6 results – Contaflex II


My second attempt was just as bad as the first, with only one usable shot.  I’ve ruled out any errors in my developing process by running another roll from a different camera at the same time.  It came out fine.



A bit of research tells me that these cameras were prone to this failure.  The wonderful click which I love is created by a mechanical symphony in motion. When the shutter button is depressed the mirror flips up, the aperture closes, and the shutter fires.  If this sequence does not execute perfectly. . .

In my case, the aperture is slow in closing.  Unfortunately, it is not reliably slow either.  It is shooting at somewhere between f2.8 and wherever the  dials are set.  Perhaps a good cleaning would help, but for now it will go on the shelf as a display piece.

(My thanks to Mike B on G+ who alerted me to the possible problem and its diagnosis.)