52 Cameras – Week 5 Results – Fujica ST605

The ST605 was a nice camera to shoot. Focus was a bit stiff, but it improved with use. The lens is missing its plastic ring to indicate focus distance, so depth of field was always a guess. With a maximum f=16, max shutter speed of 1/700 and 400 ASA film there were some situations in which I had too much light to shoot. Poor planning on my part.

The meter is activated by a button to the right of the lens. This means no inadvertently dead batteries, but it also makes the camera next to impossible to shoot one-handed. I'm sure I would get used to it with use.

Overall the ST605 was a nice camera to shoot. My roll of 36 exposures went very quickly.

Before the recent storms, most of this foundation was covered by sand.

Oceanfront South, Salisbury Beach


Oceanfront South, Salisbury Beach

Tripoli -Joes

Broadway, Salisbury Beach