52 Cameras – Week 4 – Preliminary Results – Anscoflex II

The Anscoflex was an interesting experience for me. I've never worked with a bulb flash before.

Initially the flash was not working. I cleaned the contacts and replaced the batteries to no avail. The next step was to disassemble the camera and clean the internal contacts. Upon reassembly I learned a valuable lesson: DON'T LEAVE A BULB IN THE FLASH UNIT WHEN ASSEMBLING IT.

Once my vision returned, I assembled the unit and tried again. This time I wasn't looking directly at it when it fired. I soon discovered there was an insulator missing and the unit was grounding to the camera shell. A quick trip to the workbench produced a suitable substitute, and we were in business.

My first subjects were dazzled. Those P25 flashbulbs are impressive.

In use the viewfinder is large, clear, and easy to use. The shutter button sticks out and is easily bumped; I had to remember not to wind until ready to shoot. The double exposure prevention means I accidentally wasted a few shots.

These shots are from a previous roll that was in the camera. This week's roll is still at the lab. I accidentally discovered that using the yellow filter with Ektar produces an interesting color shift.


Above, with yellow filter. Below, without.

More to come when the other roll comes back from the lab.


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