52 Cameras – Week 3 Results – JC Penney 33

I expected more attention from the third graders than I got. One asked me what the 33 was, while the rest seemed content to ignore me. I guess the chaperones are supposed to be weird.

Shooting the 33 was about what I expected, but the results were disappointing. The form factor is vintage 110 Instamatic, with a slide to advance the film and the shutter easily reached with the right index finger. Adding the flash unit makes the entire assembly a bit too long and cumbersome for my taste.

I think the shutter may be a bit sticky. Many of my shots were out of focus, but not all. As the lens is fixed focus and the shutter has only one speed, I attribute this to camera shake.

I developed my own negatives and scanned at home. I need to work with this film more and hone my process. The results were muddy and required extensive post-processing to be usable. I have had good luck with professional processing of Orca 100 before, so I’m sure the fault was mine.

Beth and I took a walk around the farm neighborhood a few days before the field trip.





In the end the 33 is not a bad camera, but I think I like my Ektralite 10 better.