52 Cameras – Week 2 Results – Voigtlander Bessa 66

I learned a long time ago that my internal balance is off slightly. Most of my images tilt a few degrees to the right and have to be corrected in post processing. The Bessa 66 taught me that I also cannot estimate distance well.

The zone focus system means you either have to measure or guess, then set the appropriate distance on the camera. I didn't guess very well. In wide aperture, low depth of field situations, my images are out of focus.

Shooting the folder is still fun. It's a sure way to attract attention in public. There is no mistaking it for a modern digital. The controls are a bit clumsy, with three levers and a focus ring arranged on the lens. Winding the film is a fully manual experience with no mechanical stops, making it easy to overwind. In spite of the sport finder, I don't think I could ever shoot this camera rapidly.

The shutter fires with a satisfying click, accompanied by a bit of clockwork whirring at the slower speeds.


All in all, a neat camera and a nice shooter.