Impossibly Impossible – 010513

It's cold, and my cameras don't want to play. The Automatic 250 has decided to randomly stop firing its shutter. I did get a couple successful shots, then the tabs on the film began to rip improperly and get out of sequence.

Foster Towers, 1/4/13

When it works, it takes fabulous shots.


Backup this weekend was my trusty Spectra loaded with Impossible PZ Silver Shade. I normally love this film, but today I combined an old pack with the cold weather and had poor results. This is the best of 3 good shots from the pack.

Tower C, Seashore Trolley Museum, 1/5/13


2 thoughts on “Impossibly Impossible – 010513”

  1. I’d say the picture of Tower C turned out quite well… it has a nice “olde-timey” feel to it. And the emulsion in the top left certainly suggests old photography as well. Of course, I’ve always been partial to B&W shots, so that could have something to do with it.


  2. Y’know, you might think about offering the Tower C pic to the Museum… they’d probably love it. I know I’d shell out (at least a reasonable amount) for that in a poster size. And leave the emulsion fault in: looks like some of the very old prints from glass negatives.


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