The Impossible 365 – 010113


Communications Center, 1/1/13

I'm attempting Project 365 again, this time with instant film. I succeeded with digital in 2010 then had aborted attempts in 2011 and 2012.

Today's shot was taken using a Polaroid One Step Time Zero, the 'Dark Side of the Moon' camera. This particular one was my grandfather's and came with a huge electronic flash.

Film is the new Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection.

DSotM camera with #2351 flash


2 thoughts on “The Impossible 365 – 010113”

  1. Very cool idea for a P365! I took a class about 8 years ago “Artistic Issues in Instant Image Photography” and it was actually harder than I expected to get 50 good final images for the class projects. I had a ’90s OneStep CloseUp. A P365 sounds very ambitious and I’ll look forward to seeing all your pics.


    1. Thanks. I have that camera in my arsenal as well, a green $6 thrift store special. My daughter has so much fun with it I had to buy her one too.


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