Calm before the Storm

I refuse to be frightened by weathermen, and yet. . .

I spent the evening outside, cleaning up before the storm. I'm ashamed at how much stuff there was out there. I moved a tailgate, 5 snow tires, an assortment of muck buckets, three extension cords, a lawnmower, a wood chipper, three folding chairs, a quart of oil, and more trash cans than I'm willing to admit. The chainsaw is fueled and ready in the truck, and the yard hasn't looked so good in months. It's now ready for a Nor'easter, but not quite a hurricane.

In the middle of it all I had to pause as I noticed something. SILENCE. No distant traffic, no planes, no TV's, no neighbor's Shop-Vac thing, no wind in the trees, nothing.

The calm before the storm. I've never heard it before. I hope that doesn't mean something.

I'm off to save the city today. I've got my obnoxious yellow raincoat, my old turnout boots, and a flashlight. Wish me luck!


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