(Not So) Wordless Wednesday #11

The scene: a famous central Florida amusement park.

The time: dusk on a hot July evening

The setting: your intrepid blogger and his family stand in a milling crowd of thousands, awaiting the nightly fireworks show. The lights go down, the music reaches a crescendo, and thousands of people raise their digital cameras to the sky and stare at tiny LCD screens.

Could George Eastman have possibly foreseen this? When did we become so obsessed with documenting our lives that we stopped living them in the first person?

Most of the photos and videos taken tonight will be garbage. The average CanoNikondak cannot handle low light; the average shooter has no idea how to begin trying. Most seem unable or unwilling to turn off their flashes. They have missed the experience in favor of documentation.

At my side, Beth is in awe. I intend to remember this moment as it is. My photographs will deliberately look nothing like what my eyes have seen, but will be a gateway to the memories we've made.