Two police cruisers idle in the cul-de-sac, lights off, projecting calm authority. Nothing to see here. Move along. An apologetic looking sergeant steps from his air conditioned refuge as we arrive. "She's off her medications again," he tells us. "I've spoken to her doctor, and the paperwork is on its way."But of course it isn't… Continue reading Intermission

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday #11

The scene: a famous central Florida amusement park.The time: dusk on a hot July eveningThe setting: your intrepid blogger and his family stand in a milling crowd of thousands, awaiting the nightly fireworks show. The lights go down, the music reaches a crescendo, and thousands of people raise their digital cameras to the sky and… Continue reading (Not So) Wordless Wednesday #11


Rule #1 of photography: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA HANDY. If you don't, you risk missing the shot or trying to do this justice with your cell phone: The iPhone actually did a decent job, but I can't help thinking the Canon AE-1 loaded with Portra 400 sitting in my hotel room would have done better.Posted with Blogsy

Professional Grade-climbing

102 degrees.8000lbs on the hitch.65 MPH. Uphill.It's 72 degrees inside, and the temperature gauges peaked at one hash mark above where they normally run, still well within the safe range. Have I mentioned I love my Duramax? Posted with Blogsy