Disappointment and redemption

In my eBay travels I stumbled upon the Kodak Signet 50 recently. After a half day of shooting it, I was disappointed. It’s oddly put together, with the film advance lever on the bottom and an odd feel. The ASA setting is jammed, and I had begun to suspect that the selenium meter may be dead. I gave up on it, rewinding a partial roll of Ektar and transferring it to my Uniomat.


I set the Signet aside on the ‘to sell’ pile and forgot it, until I got the roll developed.

I am stunned. I knew Ektar was a great film, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with the results. I’m very happy with all of the Signet results. I think it has earned a second (and possibly third) chance.

And I need to buy more Ektar.