Micro-rants (@mbtaGM, @nookBN)

I guess I’m grumpy this week.  A few things have annoyed me, and one or two almost became whole blog posts.  I decided not to devote the time and effort to anger, so here’s a bullet pointed list.

  • The MBTA’s Charlie Cards expire.  This is a little-known fact hidden deep in their ToS.  Regular riders won’t have a problem, but infrequent suburban users like me risk having their stored value disappear without warning into the vast maw of the Transit Authority’s deficit.  Don’t ask how I know this.
  • Barnes & Noble requires a credit card on file to download to your Nook, even if you’ve already paid for the book.  They say it’s for “digital rights management purposes.”  Translation: you don’t really own it, and we reserve the right to charge again for it.
  • Radar signs.  I have a working speedometer.  I don’t need a device to bathe the neighborhood in radiation, while wasting electricity, to tell me what I already know.  You aren’t fooling me into thinking you are a cop or a camera, Mr. 26-26-26 MPH.  Save the planet.  Just say no.

That’s it.  Nothing more to see here.  Go on about your business, but check the expiration date on your transit pass.