Reunion (finale) and proof, 2012 edition

When last we left the saga of the Return of the Howe, we were sitting in a Walmart parking lot in Tilton, NH with only five functional tires. I haven’t felt like writing the rest of the story in detail, but here are the bullet points:


  • Emergency tire replacement x1.
  • Ran out of daylight
  • Limped into safe storage in NH.
  • Went back another day to finish trip.
  • Blew hydraulic brake booster.
  • Towed home & placed in garage.
  • Fixed booster at last minute before big parade debut.


Which brings us to Saturday morning. I didn’t want to let the big annual Lynnfield parade pass without my Howe. There are other parades in the area, but this is THE one for me. The brakes are working, the alternator is questionable, and everything else seemed OK.


I made it to the lineup without incident, arriving early enough to be at the front of the parade. I don’t care about being first, but I wanted a bit of buffer time in case things went wrong.


And here she is in action, 6th unit from the head of the parade:


I made it home safely with electrons to spare in the charging system, and I’m still smiling.