Just a few notes on good reads

One of my favorite blogs is gone. In the early days of my own blogging career, Tom Reynolds’ Random Acts of Reality was both a favorite and an inspiration. He painted a vivid portrait of the reality and absurdity of life in the London Ambulance Service. As time passed, Tom moved on to a different career and a different blog. He recently announced that although he maintains an archive, Random Acts is no longer available on the Internet.


All is not lost, however. ‘Tom’ published two books based on the blog. Blood, Sweat & Tea and the sequel More Blood, More Sweat & Another Cup of Tea are both available from Amazon and B&N. As of this writing the Nook edition of BS&T is free, so you have no excuse. Go get it now!

Both books are published under Creative Commons license and are also available for free around the Internet. If you enjoy them though, why not buy a copy and shoot the author a buck or two?

Tom still blogs about his current life and opinions under his real name at BrianKellet.net.


Kelley Grayson, aka AD of A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver, has announced that only a few copies remain of the first edition of his book. I own a later edition, but I understand that the first edition was edited differently and contains more content. It’s a highly recommended read. Go get a copy and contribute a few cents to Kelly’s doublewide fund. (It too is available in electronic edition. Simply Google Life, Death, & Everything in Between.)



Last but not least we come to Lt. Michael Morse of the Providence Fire Department. Lt Morse writes the blog Rescuing Providence, as well as the book by the same name and the sequel Responding. I count his writings among my regular inspirations, and I was incredibly flattered to discover this blog received an acknowledgement (among many) in his latest book.

I have a special place in my heart for Providence and the PFD as I spent my college years there. I suspect I may have crossed paths with a young Probationary Firefighter Morse without knowing it. I own Rescuing Providence, and I bought a copy of Responding but gave it as a gift. My own copy is on the way now, and you can find the links to get yours here.


In the modern climate, it has never been easier to get your message out to the world. Anyone can set up a blog and shout their message from the rooftops. Good authors, however, are still hard to find. Tom/Brian, Kelly, and Michael are all worth your time and money. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for the props, Mack, always appreciated! Hows that banjo coming along? Campfire Tour gearing up, got a few more songs in the arsenal.


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