Light (P366 – April 26)

4/26 – Beth & Cricket. I was experimenting with alternative lighting using a new flash slave adapter. This little $5 gizmo fires its flash when it sees another flash fire. It has lots of possibilities, and I highly recommend picking one up.

4/28 – First day with the new (to me) Minolta HiMatic AF2. I drive past this swamp on Route 1 a few times a week. This particular morning the light was calling to me.

Incidentally, the AF2 has become a quick favorite of Beth’s. It has auto focus, auto exposure, and a built-in flash. The flash has to be engaged manually, but the electronics will tell you when it’s needed. It’s a cool little camera for $6 and takes some very nice pictures. She’s on her third roll of film with it. I must confess I like it too.