Love/Hate (P366 4/14)

I have a love/hate relationship with my local camera shop. I want to support them because they’re the only place in the metro area selling darkroom supplies. Their selection and prices may not be as good as the Internet, but they have most of what I need NOW.

I recently went in for a hardware repair, though, and my experience was not what I had hoped. Instead of repairing or replacing Mrs Mack505’s damaged lens, they tried to talk me into an upgrade. I fell for it.

I later found I could purchase a replacement on eBay for a fraction of what I paid, or get the repair parts for even less. Grrrrr.

Buyer beware.

They do sell Portra and Velvia, though. They can’t be all bad.

Photo: Argus C3 with Portra 160 (expired)