Blast from the past

I’ve been passing time in the car of late with the Film Photography Podcast. Michael Raso and the gang are a lot of fun to listen to. With 57 episodes (and counting) and an average show length of about 90 minutes, I can get lost in the back catalog for a long time. Well, approximately 75 hours to be precise.


A little over 20 years ago I lost a good friend to cancer. A brain tumor took Dave before he could finish college. It wasn’t my first experience with death, but it was the first time I lost a friend instead of an older family member. There is no adequate description. Sometimes I wonder what modern medicine could do for him today. (Another good friend is a cancer survivor. Would he have died 20 years ago? Would Dave survive today? Life goes on.)


How do the two facts relate? Simply this:


The other day I was listening to an episode (somewhere in the 20’s) when the gang read a letter from a listener by the name of Dave. This Dave has the same slightly uncommon last name as my friend. He drives a truck in America’s heartland and stops to photograph disappearing bits of roadside Americana.


My buddy would have loved that. Here’s to you Dave, both of you, wherever you are. Thanks for the memories.