Medium format (P366 – 4/15, 16)

April 11-14 are still undeveloped in the Argus C3. I have 4 cameras currently loaded with 35mm film, and I had the urge to shoot medium format instead.4/15 - Early morning light in Beverly harbor, shot with the Holga 120N and Portra 400. 4/16 - Cemetery wall @the farm. Holga/Portra. 

Experimental photography (P366)

With #MarchofFilm completed, I need to pay attention to Project 366 again. I've still been doing as much film shooting as possible. This past week saw two experiments, one successful and one not so much. First up was an attempt at red scale photography. Redscale is a technique where film is respooled backwards so the light… Continue reading Experimental photography (P366)

Social Media Sadness

This afternoon Scott Kier (@MedicSBK) asked the following on Twitter:Question for the masses: Just because you "Follow" someone on Twitter, does that mean you support their cause/beliefs?My initial reaction was, "Of course not!" I believe that maintaining an interest in a person's views and statements can be valuable without implying endorsement. It's a 'keep your… Continue reading Social Media Sadness

March of Film wrap-up

Week four, all rolled into one post.#YELLOWKodak Gold 200 in a Voigtlander Vito B#BEFORE / AFTERThis was supposed to be a double exposure, but I wound the camera out of habit. Oops.Shot on a Super Ricohflex TLR, another eBay find.#SPRINGI am an engineer, after all.Olympus 35RC with Kodak Gold#CLOUDSShot with the Olympus at --#CORNERSBeach Access… Continue reading March of Film wrap-up