Project 366 – Leap Day

2/27/12 -Playing with light, shadow, and the Fairlee2/28/12 - Big Adventure - Sebastian and Chai make their annual pilgrimage to the vet. They were not impressed. 2/29/12 - Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit in time for Leap Day. It's not much of a storm but it is pretty. 


I confess I don't know the whole story. I wasn't there to see the children or the conditions involved. What I do know is this:Social Services does not take removing a child from a home lightly. I rarely see it done, and I've NEVER seen it after midnight. It's always tragic and traumatic for everyone… Continue reading Conspiracy

Heaven or hell?

"Medic 9 respond, 10 High St for the unresponsive patient."My partner groans. It's a Known Address; a rooming house. In fire inspector parlance it's a Single Room Occupancy or SRO. Each 'apartment' consists of one room large enough for a bed, a television, and maybe a microwave. Everyone shares a kitchen at one end of… Continue reading Heaven or hell?

I told you I photograph fire engines (P366)

2/20 - In traffic behind Revere Ladder 2. It's always impressive following a TDA. I think they were headed out for service, as this was taken near the entrance to the Ted Williams Tunnel. It's not exactly in their first-due.2/21 - still in the camera 2/22 - There's something cool and retro here. Mid-90's Ford,… Continue reading I told you I photograph fire engines (P366)


In honor of those traveling during this school vacation week, I bring you Five Innocent Things Which Make Me Look Nefarious:I photograph fire engines. I'm a firefighter, a bit of a buff, and an apparatus geek. It comes naturally. It used to be just a hobby, but in the modern world it gets some very… Continue reading Profiling