I’ve been going through the blog tonight, making sure it’s compliant with my employer’s current social media policy.  I’m not sure if my standards had slipped, but HR’s seem a bit stricter. A few things were changed; some were removed.

It’s not an unreasonable policy, and it’s probably overdue for some enforcement.  Basically it says be nice and mind everyone’s confidentiality.  I can do that.  Project 365 will be difficult to continue on the days I work, but I will just have to engage my creative side a bit more.

I love my job and my employer, so it’s worth doing.  With over 500 posts, it may take a few passes to make sure I’m fully compliant.  Although it is in the sidebar, I will reiterate the disclaimer here:  the opinions expressed herein are mine alone and do not represent any employer past, present, or future.  Details have been changed in the interest of confidentiality, and some things are pure fiction.

Now I’m off to police my Facebook timeline.  I’m Mack505 and I approve this message.