Friends since high school, their lives have orbited and intertwined for decades.  War, marriages, children, careers; all have come and gone yet friendship remains.Upstairs we dance the ballet.  Compressions, airway, breathing, electricity.  Three paramedics, four firefighters, and an EMT all choreographed around one person on the floor.Downstairs a lone EMT does the real work as… Continue reading Duet

This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.

 January 25 - I went out to photograph a front yard in Newbury full of abandoned sleds.  They look pitiful sitting on the brown grass, but I just couldn't set up the shot.  Instead I caught MBTA #66 on approach to the Hanover Street crossing.  66 is on lease from MARC to alleviate a power… Continue reading This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.


 I've been going through the blog tonight, making sure it's compliant with my employer's current social media policy.  I'm not sure if my standards had slipped, but HR's seem a bit stricter. A few things were changed; some were removed.It's not an unreasonable policy, and it's probably overdue for some enforcement.  Basically it says be… Continue reading Scrub-a-dub-dub