Make it stop!

Sunday night we were in a Christmas mood at work.  We dug the tree out of storage, hung the lights, and took a few embarrassing photos for Facebook.  Then we started to notice the updates.
A Fallon ambulance was struck head-on on the other side of our metropolitan area.  We followed live on FB, Twitter, and the Internet radio stream as the events unfolded.  I listened as the crew was airlifted to Big City hospitals.
Overnight a NH State Trooper crashed his cruiser and was seriously injured along with his K9.  I saw the crash site in my travels before I knew what happened.
Monday morning, a police sergeant in one of our cities was struck on the highway.  He was seriously injured but is recovering in Big City Trauma Center.
Wednesday night, a Worcester firefighter was killed in the collapse of a burning three-decker.  John Davies, a 17 year veteran, was searching for a missing civilian when he and his partner were trapped.  His partner survived.
Services are next Thursday.
This evening I learned that FF Sarah Fox of Portsmouth, NH, lost her hard-fought battle with cancer this week.  I’m not feeling much holiday spirit right now.
Tomorrow is a new day. . .

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