Best laid plans

The plan:

Work a swap 24 on the transfer truck. A few quick errands on the way home, shower, meet attorney to close mortgage refinance. Pick up Beth from half day at school, spend afternoon at the science museum. Check out the newly remodeled planetarium.

Home for dinner, change, then off for Daddy/daughter time at the Pumpkin Ball, the fall elementary school dance.

Sleep late Saturday.

The reality:

24 on the transfer truck, check. The overnight shift was easier than expected.

Errands, check. Shower, check.

Run to answer ringing phone. Rush to school to pick up sick child before lawyer arrives. Sign paperwork. Watch lots of TV; alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen for fever. Make futile attempts to comfort uncomfortable little girl.

Commiserate over inability to attend dance. Promise a Daddy Date at some unspecified point in the future.

Send everyone to bed early so I can get up to medicate again at midnight. I’ll sleep in some other day. *sigh*

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