It’s a marvelous night

Many years ago before I was a paramedic or even an EMT, before I was known as Mack505 on the Interwebz machine, I had a job.

Shocking, I know.

This job was in an office, and it involved manufacturing. I worked for a small medical device company, and I had my own small product line. My suitably-small production area cranked out a dozen or so units a week and serviced probably twice as many. I had a routine and was largely left alone to accomplish my tasks.

I spent a lot of time listening to the radio alone in my back room. The local classic rock station seemed to have a fixation with one certain song. They played it at least once and sometimes twice during an eight hour work day. Every day. It became a running joke around the office.

To this day I cannot hear Van Morrison’s “Moondance” without a smile coming to my face.

The Good Lord and the Internet work in strange ways. Thank you, Motorcop. You brought a smile to my face when I needed it this morning.