Rose colored glasses

I should be annoyed.

It’s a holiday weekend, and I had to work a 24 Sunday instead of spending it with my family. It’s been HUMID; not hot, but wet and sticky. We wished for a good thundershower to wash the air and replace it with ozone. We never got one.

It did look kind of nice, though.

The shift seemed to be overly populated with folks who think they know how to do my job better than I do. For the record if you are not my boss, my family, or someone I admire, I’m not going to lose much sleep over your opinion of me.

Regular Partner is on vacation, but Partners du Jour were all good people.

This morning I did a few chores and then set off to meet the family in the Great Green North. It’s 85 degrees, the windows are open, and the music is good. I took a few extra laps around the Route 1 rotary in the TDI just to enjoy the G’s.

My polarized shades show a fabulous bright blue sky with puffy clouds in front of me, and the forecast is for four more days of the same. Bring it on!