Cats, kids, and fire engines again

Cat-ching up on some more photos.

5/22 – Chai claims the newest basket in the house.  It’s even cooler than a cardboard box!


6/9 – The best place to be on a hot day is stretched out on a cool floor.


6/8 – We stumbled across this old Revere ladder on the ramp at the Point of Pines firehouse.  It’s a ‘sweetheart grille’ Seagrave, and if memory serves it dates from 1938.  I believe the union is planning to restore it.


Beth insisted on posing with it.  The late afternoon sun makes for a poor expression, though.


Just trying to be a bit artsy.  This Seagrave is old enough that it still has a manual rotation crank.  Elevation and extension are hydraulic, if primitive.  I’d sure love to see this one restored.