Tornadoes in Massachusetts are exceedingly rare.  Much like a blizzard in the Carolinas, they happen every so often and are guaranteed to send the locals into a panic.

And for once I’m right there with them.  Bring on the hurricanes, blizzards, and floods.  Those I can deal with.  Let’s leave the tornadoes with my friends in the Midwest.

The worst damage is in the western part of the state, over an hour away from here.  Still, we are watching the radar minute by minute.  (As an aside, I’m amazed by the sophistication of modern weather radar.  They’ve been tracking these storms block by block.)

Here at the Mosquito Hill compound, DEFCON has been raised to 3.  Crates are staged for the animals, the flashlights and radios are ready, and the chainsaw is prepped and ready to go.  It’s looking like we won’t need any of it, but there is still a severe weather warning until 2300.

WARNING: The audio in this clip is NSFW, but I understand the sentiment. (It’s not mine, just found on YouTube.)