Through the eyes of a child

Beth and I spent some time in Boston's Public Garden and the Back Bay today.  She loved these flowers.  I find them very Seuss-ian. We strolled down Boylston Street looking for lunch.  Boylston is one of Boston's fanciest shopping districts; I see expensive stores and well-dressed crowds.  Beth stopped suddenly and pointed up.  "Look, look… Continue reading Through the eyes of a child


This video from the 2011 MAFAA Muster and Parade recently turned up on YouTube.  You can see Rowley's Engine 4 @ 2:15. Beth and I show up with the Ford/ALF in the snapshot! You can also see and hear us in motion @ 2:50. Enjoy the noise.    

The neighbor

The dispatch sounds worse than it is, using buzzwords like nausea and nitroglycerin. Our patient's elderly wife meets us at the door, and she looks the worse of the two. She's pale, shaking, and unsteady on her feet. She points me to her husband, and my partner takes her to the kitchen to calm her… Continue reading The neighbor