I've noticed lately that some of my shifts seem to be developing themes. New Regular Partner and I have had Chemically Enhanced Middle Aged Female Day, in which all of our patients were women 40-55 years old and were either drunk, high, or overdosed. There was Seizure Day, filled with seizing men in their 50's.… Continue reading Themes

A bit more photo-randomness

Cleaning out the iPhone yielded a few photos I'd missed. 4/30/11 - Requalification day at Seashore Trolley Museum. I'm now licensed to drive streetcars for another year. Wheeling, WV "curved side" #639 was recently outshopped after a long restoration. 5/8 - Nice day, good friend.   5/8 - "Medic 9" waits in the wings.


I was going to title this “Rants” but I don’t really have the energy in my arguments.  Alas, I’m grumpy today, and two things bothered me in particular. Firstly in the last two weeks I’ve had some version of this conversation at least six times: “Good morning.  Iced tea please, large with lemon.” “What size?”… Continue reading Peeved.