Photo update – 3/28

Just catching up on a few photos:


From back on 3/8 – I’ve mentioned the new ride but never shown it.  Here it is at the bus stop in the morning, with ‘Dog is my Co-pilot.’


3/21 – The calendar says spring, but no one told the weathermen.


3/21 – Jasmine watches over us by flashlight.


3/22 – I’ve mentioned this in previous posts but never shown it before (two links there).  If you call the FD in my hometown, this is one of the places it rings.  And it still RINGS.


3/23 – Beth and I have taken to watching the cranes replacing the Hines Bridge during our spare moments.


3/27 – And we wait.


3/28 – Science Park on the Green Line.


3/28 – There are still PCC cars running at Mattapan.  I’ve known they were there for years, but I finally got out to see them today.

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    1. Thanks, Capt. She’s a rescue who came to us through Paws New England as a former stray. We think she was dumped. The first time we took a trip with her, she was violently ill and vomited all over the back seats of Mrs. Mack505’s truck. Ever since then she’s been fine. Now she spends a lot of her time commuting around the area with us and loves it. It’s better than spending the day home in her crate.


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