Mutual Aid of a different sort

Everyone has heard the old cliche about cops and donuts.  The equivalent joke for paramedics centers on coffee.  Everyone knows we work high stress, weird hours, and they think we thrive on caffeine.

For me it’s iced tea.  Lots of it, with lemon.  Leave the sugar in the cupboard, please.  Lately I’ve taken to brewing it in bulk and carting at least two liters to work with me.  Then the ice maker died.

Iced tea without ice is just, well, tea.  Not good.  Unhappy decaffeinated paramedic.  This was right up there with a 10PM truck swap.

Enter The Grumpy Dispatcher.  He’s been running a series of Totally Handy Websites on his blog.  Conveniently, last week’s entry was The Appliance Clinic.  Not only did he save me the cost of a service call, but I learned the history of my ice maker and got to look like a Smart Guy.

The cubes are flowing again, caffeine levels are back up, and life is good.  Thanks, Grumpy.

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