A Different Family

Four days off are coming to an end. The last two have involved snow. Lots of it, most needing to be moved. Work will be a relief.

As I sit down to dinner with the family it randomly strikes me. I wonder what they’re doing? AD, Epijunky, CKEMTP, Captain Schmoe, Lt. Morse, Happy Medic, Grumpy Dispatcher, Medic 999, Insomniac Medic, a host of others. It’s a 24/7 business, so some of them must be working. Some I count as personal friends; I feel I somehow know all of them through their writings.

Stay safe, guys.

2 thoughts on “A Different Family”

  1. It sounds like you wrote this post last night, which would have made it mid to late afternoon here. I was on duty, walking through the hills and enjoying the 70 degree day. Oddly enough, we discussed how few of our brother and sister firefighters were able to hike through the hills in shirtsleeves in the middle of January.

    Have a good cycle, stay safe.



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