Today marks the official end of Project 365 for 2010.

When I started it on 1/2/10, I had no idea where it would take me. With all of the negative memories from 2010, I’m glad I have a positive photographic record. In the end I missed a few days, and a few others have multiple photos. Still, iPhoto logged 360 shots under the ‘P365’ tag and 4051 for the entire year. The entire set can be viewed without captions over at Picasa.

So to finish the year:

12/30 – Contrails


12/31 – working hard


1/1/11 – Changing of the guard.  My old belltop has been with me for over 20 years.  It’s been through W6, 9/11, one National Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial, and an ill-fated attempt to attend the Charleston funerals.  It has stood the honor guard detail for numerous retired members and even been photographed in a coffee table book.

It’s also worn out.  It has water stains on the inside (a funeral in the snow, I think), the hat band is disintegrating, and it’s one size too small.  I’m not sure if my head grew or if it shrunk, but it gives me headaches.  I happened to mention these facts in front of Deputy Dad, and Voila! a new one appeared under the Christmas tree.

Today I swapped the bands and badge over to the new one, and the old one will go to its final reward.  There are a lot of memories in that old hat, but in the end it’s just a hat.  The memories will linger on.