Proofreading FAIL

This was in the flyer handed to me as I walked into a certain major home improvement store today. For some reason they became very defensive when I pointed it out to them. Their response was, "We're not responsible for the content of the advertising." Maybe they should be.

Snow where?

It snowed today. Lots. This meant I spent most of the day in the truck, pushing it around.  It's not unexpected in January in Massachusetts. What was unexpected was the comment from a radio personality that "today it snowed in 49 of the 50 states."  We all know which one didn't get snow, right?  Perhaps… Continue reading Snow where?


A warm winter's morning, unusual after the recent blizzard.  Drizzle raises a thick fog in the predawn darkness.  The morning routine is anything but.  I load my cooler and day bag into the trunk and shrug into my favorite lime sweatshirt.  It feels odd.  I'm sure I've forgotten something.  The garage door rumbles up revealing… Continue reading Metaphor