Christmas is coming! (P365 update)


12/14: My nemesis.  I spent a lot more time than planned changing the cutting blade on the tractor bucket.  There’s nothing like the right tool for the job, and I didn’t have it.  I had to make do with a Sawzall and demolition blades.  At least now it should be good for another 6 or 7 years.


12/15 – A genuine Magnum, P.I. Ferrari 308.  Cool.


12/16 – Merry Christmas from Amazeen Stables and Coffeetown Road Properties!


12/17 – Merry Christmas from Edaville RR!  Edaville has been a family tradition of ours for decades, through thick and thin.  They are in danger of closing again, but here’s hoping they pull it out.

Maybe next time I’ll remember to take the polarizing filter off my lens.  It makes night photography a lot harder.