Hipstamatic (P365)

If you are my age or older, a significant portion of your life was probably documented with an Instamatic camera.  Much of my childhood remains captured on ‘110’ prints today.  While the Instamatic was a marketing breakthrough which brought low-cost photography to the masses, the pictures weren’t really that great.

Today only the technology has changed.  It seems that everyone has a cell phone camera, and the pictures still aren’t that great.  35mm SLRs were the gold standard then, and digital SLRs are the gold standard now.

Enter Hipstamatic.  If you’re going to take bad pictures with your cell phone, why not be deliberately, funkily bad?  Hipstamatic uses a series of interchangeable ‘lenses’, ‘film’, and ‘flashes’ to replicate that old Instamatic look on the iPhone.  The interface is even designed to look like an old Instamatic, complete with the tiny viewfinder.

I’m having a bit of fun with it.  I’ve already gotten my $1.99 worth.


12/12 Christmas Tree – Hipstamatic with John S lens, Ina’s 1969 film, and Standard flash


12/13 Freese’s Pond – Hipstamatic with John S lens, XGrizzled film, Dreampop flash