Biofuel (P365 12/10)

Last summer, a local fuel oil dealer came up with an advertising gimmick I liked.  He equipped one of his old trucks with a billboard body and a bright paint scheme, and he parked it in a highly visible spot.  It’s legally registered and parked on private property, but visible from the street.

Of course it didn’t take The City long to object.  They made some sort of ruling declaring it illegal and demanded it be removed.  The dealer complied.

Recently another dealer has done the same thing, with a boring white step van on another lot.  Today I was happy to see that the original truck has returned.


I don’t know if the law has changed, or if Mr. Germinara decided that if the competition was getting away with it, he could too.  Either way, I think his advertisement has class.  How many other 1963 GMC L-5000’s (It’s ‘V-6 powered!’) have you seen lately?

Ironically, when I stopped to take the picture, I was hauling bio-fuel of my own.


Another ton of wood pellets, on sale.

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