Silence The low hum of fluorescent workshop lights No TV; no family The gentle rasp of an old abused paintbrush A project draws to completion I can hear my breathing; feel the blood in my veins Heating pumps click and whir The boiler whooshes to life Oh, hello Hal


While going about my business today, I was catching up on international news via the BBC's Newspod podcast.  I don't know if it comes from living in a relatively small island nation, or if it's some legacy of their former empire, but the BBC does a much better job reporting news from around the globe than… Continue reading APAP

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Mrs. Mack505 whisked us off to Newport for the weekend as an early Christmas present.  I couldn't choose just two photos. 12/18: Cold but happy. Castle Hill Light Castle Hill Light Pointsettia Tree inside The Elms. Moonrise over The Elms. 12/19 - Bannister's Wharf