Wireless-less Wednesday, Another Milestone, and a 365 Update

I did it.  I didn’t realize how often I check my email until I forced myself not to.  I plan to make a habit of Wireless-less Wednesday.

Updating photos:


Overlooked from 11/13, Sebby and Jasmine doing something they rarely do: sharing.


11/21 – Moon over Mercedes.




11/23 – The second milestone for the week.  Nine years ago on Thanksgiving Eve, I took delivery of my baby ‘Benz.  She’s an early 2002, and this is the longest I’ve ever owned any single vehicle.  We rolled out of the dealership and hit the highway straight for Buffalo.    It’s not something I’d recommend in a new car with 6 miles on the odometer, but we made it with no problems.  She’s starting to show a bit of rust and will need to see the body shop when I can afford it.

Where the heck have 9 years gone?