Recent events have led us to look at simplifying our lives. We started with the ‘stuff.’ A truckload or two of junk, whatzits, and assorted things left our lives, then the pace slowed.

I’ve also become aware of the level of digital distraction in my life and how much time it absorbs. I don’t want to spend my life in a chair with my laptop perched on one arm, reading blogs and emailing. So, a few changes:

I’ve thinned my Google Reader list.  I monitor dozens of blogs, some better than others, some more frequent than others.  All interested me at one time, but in aggregate they are too much.  Each blog was evaluated using a nebulous formula involving post quality, post frequency, and general enrichment of my life.  More than half are gone, including the LOLcats, Happy Chair is Happy, Sleep Talkin’ Man, and that strange Japanese blog with the cute cat with things on his head.

I’ve done a similar thinning to the Blogroll here.  If you didn’t make the cut, don’t take it personally.  The ones that remain are all strongly recommended reads.

I’ve also cleaned up some clutter in the sidebars here.

My Twitter stream will go dormant, except for automated announcements from the blog.  Facebook updates are now restricted to a maximum of two daily.

Project 365 will continue, because I enjoy it and it only has 5 weeks to go!  The blog will continue as time and inspiration strike me.  I don’t expect much of a change there.

I intend to evaluate all of the apps on my phone.  I suspect many can go.

Email will be evaluated.  Mailing lists, groups, and other sources of large quantities of mail will be kill-filtered.  Advertising will be sent straight to the SPAM folder.  I hope to increase the signal-to-noise ratio.  Friends will always be welcome, of course.

And finally, in a little less than an hour I intend to begin my first Wireless-less Wednesday.  No internet for 24 hours.  It should be interesting.  Wish me luck, and we’ll see what I’ve accomplished when I come back.

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