The week that really wasn’t

I have no excuse this week.  Project 365 has finally fallen down, even though we are readjusting to normal life.  I’ve been too busy being normal to photograph things.


Beth shakes her stuff in the hula hoop competition at the Pumpkin Ball, 11/12.  Imagine a hundred elementary-aged girls, moshing their hearts out while their Dads stand in the corner.  We did get a couple of nice slow dances with our girls, though.


Camo Siamese, 11/18.  Jasmine just loves the big chair in front of the TV.  We have to be careful not to sit on her.  She’s a wonderful foster available through MSPCA, and she really deserves a Forever Home.

Project 365 resumes with a vengeance tomorrow.  We’re in the home stretch now.

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  1. […] back through the blog this morning, I realized I’ve been remiss.  Back on 11/18 I introduced Jasmine to the Interwebz as a foster cat in need of a Forever […]


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